Finance & Banking

Local and Global Financial Institutions use AI to surface actionable insights to solve numerous risk, compliance, and investment challenges

Challenges for Leadership

  • Reputation Risk Management

    Tap into the real-time market perception of your bank or financial institution. Stay on top of consumers, regulators, shareholders, and analysts for proactive responses to negative brand perceptions.

  • Investment Research News Feed

    Isolate and filter the news related to asset classes and tickers of interest for investment due diligence and portfolio risk management.

  • Earnings Call Topical Sentiment

    Discover new investment signals from earnings calls with unparalleled accuracy, granularity, and scope. Track not only aggregate earnings call sentiment, but also topic-by-topic sentiment and topic importance.


Competitive Edge

Get the reliable data from both well-known and less-popular sources of information. Extract the right insights from Social Media, Investment News Sites, Financial Statements, and Blogs in real-time. There is a wealth of information, however it only becomes valuable if it’s the right piece of data. Shinrai can train our AI to recognize the type of content that you need to make better informed decisions. Find new and novel information that would otherwise have remained hidden. Integrate the right data to optimize analytical workflows. Predict industry trends, identify fast-moving themes, and react quickly.

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