Unlock the
value of unstructured data

Use Artificial Intelligence to discover relevant web data

Today’s Challenge

Organizations use extracted web data to derive valuable insights and power business decisions. Traditional scrapers and crawlers falter when faced with unstructured and dynamic data.

With the exponential growth in data and complexity, static technology can not keep pace. Resulting in businesses using inaccurate web data and missing valuable opportunities.

Overcome Limitations

By injecting AI into the web extraction process, our platform can read, learn and understand much like a human.

  • Extract relevant data from web sources that are either dynamically changing or have irregular patterns of language
  • Monitor constantly shifting data sources in real-time to detect subtle changes

Intelligent Web Data Acquisition

Extract accurate web data to derive valuable insights and make better informed decisions.

Next Evolution in Data Extraction

  • Human-like Comprehension

    Our natural language processing (NLP) models are trained to understand relevant and domain-specific language. This allows the machine to read, learn and understand what web data is useful.

  • Scalable

    Monitor and extract relevant data from one web source, or millions. By putting data relevancy first, our web intelligence platform extracts only the data you need.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Surface hidden novel insights deep from within the data.

  • Capitalize on the value of Unstructured Data

    We filter out the noise, leaving you with a clean dataset. With our customizable classification & sentiment models, Shinrai can derive the emotion and subject of your unstructured data in real-time.


The Shinrai Difference

Raw Data Collection

Integrate directly into your own internal system via API or download (csv, JSON, etc.).

Hassle Free

No coding. No point-and-click. Once the AI is trained it handles complexity while being maintenance free.

Dynamic Handling

Extract relevant data from dynamic websites (log-in authentication, AJAX, etc.)

Dedicated Success Manager

Experienced staff are on hand to provide guidance, support and immediate assistance.

Personalized Onboarding

We tailor our technology to the unique requirements of our clients to achieve success.

Revelancy First

Prioritizing data comprehension and relevancy ensures valuable, reliable web data is extracted.

Use Cases

Specifically Built for You

Revolutionize the way you find & extract relevant web data