Real-Time Web
Data Extraction

Shinrai is the easiest way for you to automate how you collect valuable web data at scale. Our AI-powered platform helps you get unique data-driven insights through our configurable dashboards & API's.

Transform into better decisions

screenshot of Shinrai dashboard for an ecommerce competitive price tracking use case

How You Can Use
Our Data Extraction Solutions

Collect all the data you need to configure the right price and make the right product offering.

Receive real-time tracking and analysis of your competitors' prices, sales, trends, and more.

Analyze consumer commentary, reviews, critical news, and brand mentions at scale and automatically.

Delight customers with a personalized experience using AI-Powered Recommendations

Capture valuable contact data automatically from the most popular websites to fuel your lead generation strategy.

Our data solution experts can help you find the right solution for your business.
illustration of how Shinrai processes unstructured data

Turn Unstructured
Data Into Actionable

We collect and transform unstructured web data into simplified visuals that uncover unseen patterns, and connections- all on a singular platform.

The Hassle-Free Way To Collect Web Data At Scale

Our configurable AI-powered data solution delivers real-time data that’s instantly
ready-to-use, without the need for data cleaning or coding

Intelligent Web Scraping

Our AI-powered web extraction technology scrapes and analyzes web data at scale for unlimited data insights.

API Services

Stay connected to real-time data with a solution that brings together intelligent API capabilities and easily integrates them into existing workflows.

All-In-One Dashboard

Take your team’s performance to the next level using Shinrai's configurable dashboard that delivers advanced analytics, custom reporting, and more.

screenshot of the Shinrai dashboard and source overview for an ecommerce  use case

Data Extraction

Accomplish more in less time with the most efficient approach to data collection. Our AI-powered technology automatically extracts and organizes the continuous flow of incoming data from dynamically changing websites.

How Shinrai Works

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screenshot of Shinrai dashboard for a real estate use case