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We offer flexible subscription-based data solutions that are configurable to your unique business needs.

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How Our Pricing Structure Works


One-Time Setup Fee

Varies upon the size, complexity, and volume of the project.


Monthly Subscription Payment

Priced based on your unique needs.


Third-Party Costs

Includes any additional costs (one-time and recurring) related to third-party services required to execute your project.

The Shinrai Difference

Exceeding our customer's expectations from the moment they start
working with us is our top priority. Whatever your data needs are, we create
the right solution for you to help your business thrive.

Long-Term Value
For Our Customers

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Transparency & Trust

What Can Influence The Price?

You've got the vision - we'll get the data you need to do your best work
while providing you ongoing support.

Total Sources &
Data Points

The larger the volume of data you need from the various unique sources you want to extract from, the more complex a project becomes.

Level Of

Some web sources are more complex to extract due to IP blocking, script loading, and other variables that hinder data extraction.

Data Extraction

This is dependent on how often you need your data extracted, whether it be daily, weekly monthly, and so forth.

How Can We

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