A Simple
Interface For
Powerful Results

View, drill down, and analyze data without data scientist expertise—millions of metrics at your fingertips, all on a singular platform.

illustration of Shinrai dashboard turning unstructured data into visualized data insights

A Better Data Experience For Your Organization

Configurable and scalable, our Dashboard and API services offer a powerful and complete data delivery experience for effortlessly collecting the real-time data you need for impactful insights.

One Dashboard
For Unlimited Insights

Go beyond standard data extraction with an advanced dashboard powered by artificial intelligence. With our platform, you can stay on top of all your business data at just the right granularity.

API Services

Our API services fully eliminate manual operations by leveraging artificial intelligence to collect the relevant data you need for your daily business operations. By partnering with Shinrai, you will have critical and reliable data at all times.

A Seamless Setup

Shinrai is perfect for organizations looking to innovate and grow their businesses by introducing
AI-powered technology. Our solutions are simple to implement and easy to scale,
giving you the most value.

Step 1

Your Data Your Way

Supply us with websites and examples of data that you need and we'll configure a solution that’s right for you.

Step 2

Leverage Our Data
Scientist Expertise

We'll send you preliminary data so you can provide us with your feedback. That way, our data scientists can make any necessary tweaks before we deliver you your data.

Step 3

Easy Data Integration

Your data has been curated, cleaned, and analyzed. It's now live on your user-friendly dashboard so you can get started right away.

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